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When your payout has been flagged as ‘Pending’, it means that it is currently being viewed by the payout department, making sure all your deposit information is correct an and that if you used a credit card your credit card authorization form is correct and in place.

Although we understand your concern and your need for answers, please remain patient. If your payout has been pending for more than 10 business days, please e-mail Customer Support at [email protected] and we look into the transaction for you.

Players come to SportsViet.com for more than the game – they come for the environment as well. The chat function is an integral part of that environment, and helps to create a friendly atmosphere amongst a community of like-minded players. Actual chat is displayed in light blue, hand information is displayed in yellow and white represents general information. We encourage you to use the chat function to enhance your entertainment experience and boost your relationships with fellow players.

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