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We pride ourselves on providing every customer with a professional service and fastest payouts in the industry. At SportsViet.com we process our payouts in a prompt manner.


When you create and account and log on the site our secure system will protect all of your information, using multiple layers of encryption. We use complex algorithms to ensure that no online transactions can be diverted, intercepted or used for purposes other than those you approved your Credit Card information will not be saved in our system.


Hacking is a major concern for any online business, and we have taken all necessary steps to ensure that our games are immune to interference. Any hacker who attempts to gain an advantage by intercepting packets will be thwarted by our sophisticated security measures, including our 128-bit SSL encryption. Security on our games is at the same level used by all major financial institutions. SportsViet.com secures your credit card information, personal information, game records, current hand and actions on the table.

Our software is structured so that no other player can intercept any meaningful data from your computer. All game logic decisions, such as shuffling, are made on our secure servers at a remote location, protected by both hardware and software security systems.


Collusion is always a concern to players, whether online or in physical poker rooms. It’s defined as multiple players working together, revealing hands to one another and making mutually beneficial decisions at the expense of others. Collusion is not only forbidden at SportsViet.com, but results in an immediate lifetime ban and forfeiture of all cash in a colluder’s account.

As a safeguard against collusion, SportsViet.com employs sophisticated tracking algorithms. Our software tracks betting patterns as they relate to players’ relative hand strength over a long period, cross-referencing this information with that obtained from the other players at the table. Patterns may emerge that indicate possible collusion, and action will be taken.

Because our servers record every card that is dealt, this security goes beyond that employed by the most secure bricks-and-mortar card rooms.

Nonetheless, this system is not perfect. So SportsViet.com will investigate all allegations of collusion brought to our attention by players or employees.

Players can always see their own records in a modified version of the software we use to track every game.

Randomness and Shuffling

We use card-shuffling algorithms based on highly complex mathematics and a multilayered, multi-step process that ensures duplication or prediction of our shuffling is next to impossible. Every deck is shuffled before every deal, and the likelihood of identical deals is infinitesimally small.

SportsViet.com uses 2 state-of-the-art algorithms for generating random numbers. Our primary random number generator (RNG) draws its random numbers from a period of 219937 – 1 (a number with 6,001 digits, which is trillions of times greater than the number of atoms in the observable universe.) This gives it a much higher order of “equidistribution” (evenly distributed results) than any other implemented generator.

No other random number generator (RNG) combines statistical soundness and speed quite like SportsViet.com’s. Statistically random in all its output, it guarantees speedy play and practically perfect randomness. We also use a secondary generator which operates twice as quickly, through avoidance of synchronization, and method inlining and finalizing. By using the best aspects of both RNG’s, SportsViet.com commits to speedy and fair play in all its games.


Once again we want to tell you that you are the most important part of our business. Maintaining your security is our priority, and something we take most seriously. If you have any security concerns, contact us at [email protected]

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