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It’s finally here! You can now register late for tournaments that are already running – up to 55 minutes after the tournament starts!

With the new late registration feature, there is also a re-entry function – you can now re-enter for as many times as the tournament allows – allowing you to play your favorite game of poker as long as you want!

If you see that a tournament has already started running (the State will show “running”) in the main lobby – and you still want to join that particular tournament, then all you need do is double-click on that tournament that is running – and it will open up to reveal the fact that you can late register for the tournament. Do that and you will soon be in on all the winning action!

Let’s take this screenshot example below – as you can see the tournament is still showing as “registering” in the main lobby:

The tournament starts and it disappears from registering.

Now you can see the tournament has begun and is already running:


Click on Running and the tournament will show on the board as RUN.

Double-click on the tournament and you will be taken to the table – and if you are within the 55 minutes window of opportunity to register – you will see the “REGISTER” button!


Click on the tournament line and you will see on the right side all the information including the LATE REGISTRATION.


Double click on the tournament line and the Late Registration button will show on the lobby’s upper right corner.


Click on the Late Registration button and then select how to buy in and click OK.


Good Luck – and see you at the tables!!!

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