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A multi-stage tournament is a tournament in which players buy-in in rounds, and compete to get to the next round. The winner(s) of each round are given entry in to the following round by way of direct entry or treasure.

Multi-Stage tournaments operate as multiple single table tournaments where the winner moves on to the next round. Players begin with an equal stack of chips at the first table. Play continues until each player loses all of their chips. As each player is eliminated they are removed from the tournament and play continues among the remaining players. Play continues until there is only one player remaining who controls all the chips. This winner (and in certain cases second, third and even fourth place) is awarded entry into the next round or is awarded treasure. The winner(s) can then buy into the next round, and continue their way towards overall victory.


  1. During the opening rounds players are always given the option to buy into the tournament with money. However during the later rounds of the multi-stage tournaments players may need to have ‘won’ their seat in order to participate or players may need to buy into the tournament with treasure.
  2. Multi-stage tournaments continue until ALL players have lost ALL their money, and there is a clear winner, that is defined by them holding all available chips.
  3. No rake is collected during the tournament; the rake is collected off of the initial buy-in.
  4. All tables begin within 30 seconds of the last person registering for the tournament.
  5. Blinds are determined by the players sitting to the left of the dealer.
  6. In the event of a tie the pot is split between the players that have tied.
  7. There will be no breaks, all Poker tournaments continue until one player holds all the chips.
  8. When a player loses all their chips they are declared out of the tournament and finish in the order they were eliminated. Example: In a 10 player tournament if you are the third player eliminated, you are declared as finishing in 8th place.
  9. If more than one player is eliminated in the same hand, the player with the most chips before the hand started finishes higher. In the case where both players also have the same amount of chips before the hand, both players will tie for the position. If there is a tie between two or more players, the prizes they qualify for are split evenly between all tied players. For example, if two players tie for 2nd place, each player receives 50% of the second place prize and 50% of the third place prize.
  10. TigerGaming.com will not assist in any deals among players during or after poker tournaments. Poker tournaments continue until there is one declared winner and the payoffs will be exactly according to the prize pay out structure.
  11. Soft playing is not permitted. Each player should play with the same intensity against all other players.
  12. All players will play with all their chips until either they lose all their chips or win the tournament.
  13. During play in any of the poker tournaments, if a player loses their connection and does not re-connect or does not act, their hands are automatically folded every single hand and their blinds are posted automatically when it is their turn. Eventually the player is “blinded out” if they do not re-connect back to the poker tournaments table.
  14. Players must understand and accept the risk of Internet disconnections, as they can and do occur. If a player is not connected before a hand starts, they will be dealt cards and then folded automatically. If they are required to post a blind and are not connected, their blind is posted automatically and their hand folded. Again, this continues until the player is fully connected and back in the poker tournaments or until the player is out of the tournament.
  15. In the rare and unlikely event of a server problem, all poker tournaments in play during the problem are deemed as cancelled. Once the server re-starts, we will refund the full Buy-In and entry fee of each poker player that was still in the tournaments at the time. In addition, each of these players will share in the prize pool accumulated from the players that were already eliminated from the poker tournaments. This payout is based on the player’s proportion of chips compared to all other remaining players. This resolution treats all players fairly. If a player was eliminated from any of the poker tournaments before the server problem, they are considered “out of the tournament” and do not receive an entry fee refund or any portion of the prize pool.
  16. In case of disputes, SportsViet.com's management decision will be final.

How does it work?

Treasure is used to provide entry into the next round of a tournament. For example if a player enters into a Level 1 stage of a multi-stage tournament they will win a Copper coin. They can use that Copper coin now to enter in to a Level 2 stage and play to win a Silver ring. Using the Silver ring a player can enter a Level 3 stage tournament and play to win a Gold bar. Upon winning the Gold bar a player can now enter a Level 4 stage of a tournament. The prize for winning a Level 4 stage tournament is a Gemstone, which will gain you entry into Level 5, which is the final level. The winner(s) of this level often will receive money, trips or other prizes.

SportsViet.com will not always use all forms of treasure; however they will always be in the order that is above.

Note: Treasure cannot be redeemed for cash equivalent.

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