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SportsViet.com Affiliates offers our partners the most competitive commission plans in the industry.

Partner Relationships and Support:

At SportsViet.com Affiliates, we prioritize building great relationships with our affiliates. When you work with us, you can be assured of:

  • Experienced Account Managers who know and understand the industry.
  • Competitive Commission Rates for performing partners
  • Complete transparency of earnings through our reporting system

System Reports:

SportsViet.com Affiliates reporting system is a built on a "Live Report" system. That means that all data is pushed from our backoffice to the affiliate reports instantly. Many other affiliates programs only push data once or twice a day. With SportsViet.com Affiliates your data is a based on a live feed for the most up to date reports.

Our detailed reporting tools show our affiliates all of their key stats, from Sign Ups and Depositing Players to Commissions by Product. We also offer Player Reports so you can track value by individual players. You can choose which report to use and see your stats within the reports section of the affiliate backend. If you want to view each individual transaction, we also offer a full detailed report that shows every transaction from each of your players.

Marketing Tools:

SportsViet.com Affiliate Program offers a wide range of general and event specific banners. All general banner sizes are offered. Should you require unique banner sizes for your website, our graphics departments will be more than happy to provide you with the additional sizes you need.

Payouts :

Following the timely payouts that SportsViet.com prides itself on to all its players, SportsViet.com Affiliates will also payout monthly commissions within the first week of every month. Affiliates simply need to send a payout request at the end of each month, and commission payout will be sent out in a very timely manner.